Tuesday, July 14, 2015

How far is too far?

Hello my sweethearts, good morning, how is everyone doing, its a beautiful morning and enjoying the cool inspirational vibes am listening to, inspiration wednesday promises to be interesting tommorrow, do make it a date.

 I really am battling with putting today's topic up, but then again, this issue has been on my mind for a long time, and then again i realise that so many singles are having issues with this topic too, a lot of people have actually asked me on this issue too, but i don't have the correct answer to it
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  The question is how do you keep a balance between being a christain single and keeping a relationship? Yes, how do you manage having a boyfriend or girlfriend and being a christain, you know a relationship this days is not devoid of having a little bit of romance atleast, and as a christain, our doctrines does not really permit certain romantic moves before marriage, yes, asides.abstinence and not having sex before marriage, do you think kissing and others is wrong before marriage and if so, how do you keep a balance between not offending God and keeping your relationship.

So i really will love to hear your views, and also share with a friend and lets make this interactive dearies


  1. The thing is kissing in itself is not bad. But the bad thing is, kissing can lead to sex.
    And we all know premarital sex is fornication. And fornication is SIN as stated in the Bible. It's hard but we can flee from it.

    A Way out:
    It’s by the divine power and grace that you can overcome sexual sin. And you have that power. Everything that you need to walk in purity, to walk in integrity, to put sexual sin away. You have it. You’re not trying to earn it. You’re not trying to build it. You already have it. Now you need to cultivate it. Like we'll say in my youth fellowship, activate it.

    You make the decision to abstain. And stand by it. It is possible!

    1. Exactly how amaka put it see we are all humans so all those things are bound to happen ... All we need is grace grace in abundant...


  2. Agree with what Nwamaka said Faith First. Except ...

    Kissing I feel is a Natural and expected from both usually, but I feel where she is coming from. Passion is what it is. Faith First! Balancing of our feelings/emotions is difficult ...

    We sin no matter we try not too, if people think Jesus Dying for us is a license to sin it's Not but we're going to do it ... even thinking sinful thoughts is a sin.

    We Pray to God for guidance and God is our Only Judge ...

    Ultimately we make our own choices as best we can but what we choose to or not to do is an individual remains up to us and must Remember give Honest advice/opinion but don't judge or else we would be going around deciding who is or isn't a Christian.

    I know I wasn't any help I've learned to stay out of others relationships ... romantic or friends whenever possible.

    Debbie hope you and everyone is Well! Have a Exceptionally Good Day :)

  3. I doubt if it's possible. To some strong willed Christian, it is possible. My friend who is dating an evangelist when I asked her on Monday that have they defiled the bed? She couldn't say anything. She claimed the guy to be a born again and devoted Christian. Lolz
    Maybe any Christian that want to date should avoid being in a closed place with their partner.

  4. If we are to follow what the Scripture says; Kissing and touching of intimate parts of the body is sin...in fact having Just the thoughts alone is sin....I think the only thing you are allowed to do is hold hands while walking on the road, finish.

  5. This comment section sure is informative

  6. Let me just read comments on this one. One thing it takes though is discipline

  7. The only way we can build and maintain a healthy relationship is when God is involved and maybe your family or anyone you trust that is older than you.....You need to be on the same page on sexual purity.........
    How are you dear??
    The Beautiful Eagle


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