Saturday, July 18, 2015

Secrets of an irresistable Woman

 Hello everyone,*clears cobwebs* am sorry for just going and coming back as i like, nothing to blame it on except my laziness, but i promise, i will make amends by God's grace.

Ask any lady of this age and time, what do you want in a spouse, and she goes, a man that will take of me, love me, cherish me...blah blah me, one word that is constant 'ME' , it only means such a person just wants to go and be receiving without giving back, and believe such marriages never work, as a woman, what are you bringing to the table, before you can seek the heart of a king, you must be a Queen, so before you write a journal or long list of what you want in a man, be sure to be a woman of value, a virtuous woman,an irresistable woman whose price is far above rubies

 When a king and a Queen come together, such combinations don't simply make babies, they create a kingdom, they don't just raise children, they raise a nation, there is more to being a woman than being beautiful or having the right contours in place, a woman of honour and value is a delight to her husband, she is an asset to him and his heart will always long after her, below are some of the secrets of an irresistable Woman, a woman of virtue according to the bible, proverbs 31:10-31

STRENGHT: she is a strong woman, she puts her acts together and stays with her husband through thick and thin, in the face of life struggles and challenges she stays strong and other women look up to her

DILLIGENT AND HARD WORKING: she works hard and is diverse in her skills, she does not depend in her husband for everything, but rather she supports him, and her husband and children call her blessed

CONFIDENT AND DRESSES WELL: she makes fine cloth for her and her family, and she dresses well not shabby, she is confident and not afraid to face life.

KIND HEARTED: She does not look down on people but rather extends are hands to the poor, she is full of encouraging words, not words that brings people down.

BRINGS OUT THE BEST IN PEOPLE: She brings out the best in people, she supports het husband and brings out the king in  him.

WISE AND PRAYERFUL: she is wise and trust her husband, her words are full of wisdom and she does not allow people scatter her home with words and gossips, she prays for her husband and uses wisdom to sail her family.

I pray God ll make us all women of purpose and honour In Jesus name
Are there more i didn't add feel free to drop them in the comments section, have a nice weekend people


  1. Oh this is a beautiful post. True a lot of us ladies talk about "I want this in a man, I want that" forgetting to ask what do I lack that a man will need hence feel that vacunm. Amen to ur prayers...May we be virtous women IJN

  2. I am guilty of the "ME" statement sha, thanks for sharing this Debbie.

    How are you doing dear?

  3. True talk. Amen to ur prayers.

  4. so true,most ladies are guilty of this.i donno if they are lazy or i dont even understand maybe i should call it selfish attitude

    may God help us

  5. Wow this is so truthful.. Always learn on this blog.. Thanks hun.

  6. Yello...mamacita! It's been a min right?....As always, Word! on this post..

  7. A great one my friend...
    The theme song should be Eve's "Irresistible Chick".
    Keep the good work going.

  8. Mehn. . I have a loooong way to go oooo. I'm still learning my way on. Thanks for this piece, sweetie.

    Where are you? Come back with a good story. *rme*

  9. Awesome post.. Learning everyday honestly, praying everyday i become a proverbs 31 woman so God will give me a proverbs 31 man..


  10. You did not include SUBMISIVENESS. Though am not surprised bcos most ladies will not want to hear this, but this is the most important.

    All ladies seeking for good husband should have that in mind. Bcos that's what men are really in search for in any lady.

    My Lover's Trick

  11. Still waiting for when u will post about men ..

  12. This is awesome. An inspiring post. I am an inspirational blogger too and reading this article just makes me know they are so many out there to inspire. Great write up. One word Proverbs 31 Woman.

  13. nice article great post comment information thanks for sharing


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