Friday, July 3, 2015

Where did gender equality travel to?

Hello my deareat LD fam, how is your day going, mine is going coldly, as the weather is too cold for me to deal with, i wish i could just be indoor all day but i can't be lazy around here, i have to go to work *rolls eyes*

   Let me go straight to the reason of today's post, during my final year in the uni, one of the 8 Mdg goals i was thought was gender equality, but in reality i feel there cannot be such thing, the male gender is still very much favoured than the female gender...  if a woman is pregnant, and she gives birth to a female child as ist born, female as second born and third born, the family is deemed not complete until she brings forth a male child, whereas if  its the other way round its no issue..
i was forced to ask my dad, why is it that after sending your male and female children to school,after Nysc, the male child must go and hustle or start a life anywhere he likes while the female must continue anything she wants to do under your roof or she ll be termed a rebel?

and his answer simply was, at any stage we care for and protect our female children till they get married...i was so pissed off , to crown it all, a family member called him a few days after to give him a name of anyone looking for job and its a federal job ooo, and this man knows that i don waka tire in search of job o, but my dad didn't think twice before mentioning my brother's name and he later said to me i could have mentioned your name but its Abuja and its only a boy that can go that far, i just told him, consider yourself on hunger strike, i ain't cooking for you

  Even in terms of respect, the Male folks are respected more, for are female but you have a male driver, naturally if you go out, na the driver den go they salute, they be like Oga, until the driver points to you and say thats my madam....

Many reasons and scenerios like that, i don't think gender equality can thrive, Have you been disrespected or treated less because you are a female or in what ways do you think you have been a victim of gender inequality...let's talk in the comment section


  1. They've not tampered on your right by using all these to get you protected...After graduation, male were freed to hustle round while u are not, so also the gist about the job is all ways of protecting you.

    As to the issue of gender equality, I thought that only exist on media not in reality. Even in religion wise, God did not send to us any female as a prophet in my own religion and I think its the same in the other beliefs. Your own appointment will be given to you soon.

  2. It's a cold world bae.
    Growing up, the offences I got trashed for, my brothers will do same and get away.

  3. Uthman ... how did you read this and not get the Point???

    My Belief and Faith are in God and Jesus make no mistake! God's Word is Fact let's make that Clear!

    Still women know the Bible was written by men and almost every instance women are made the bad the examples ... take divorce if a woman is unfaithful ... what about the man??? The writers failed to mention the woman's Right! But we know what's good for the goose is good for the gander.

    Had men not Needed a Woman God would have not Created us ... 90% of doctors will say the majority of women are better at dealing with pain than men ... I digress on that point.

    As Debbie pointed out in countries women are expected to have umpteen babies until a male is born and in parts of India the wife must produce at least one male regardless if it jeopardizes her health and there and other parts of the world are disfigured if she fails to produce a boy! Speak of Cruelty and men determine the child's sex ...

    When men and females have hold the exact job women universally make less even when we excel... that's if we are afforded the opportunity to get the job.

    After graduating college I was looked on as the dumb model. At first I had to made myself less attractive, gained weight to be accepted and still work harder, longer hours and must be twice as good to be considered half as good!

    Sis I don't wish to be negative but it's doubtful we'll ever experience Equality on earth not as long as men rule and remain closed minded!

    We skirted around many other reasons ... but Hope we get more guys to open their minds and try to Imagine what it would be like if they were a woman ...

    Thanks again for checking up on and missing me :)

    Be Safe and may this Day be as Beautiful as You Sis! :)

  4. Hmm this topic is more extensive than you think. But focusing on the angle you chose to dwell on, yeah females have rights too just that we have to prove we are deserving. It might sound unfair but sadly that's the way the society is set up

  5. Though frankly, God didn't create us with the intention of making us equal with the men. Our strength lies in our fragility. It's not really about equality, it's about purpose like uthman said.
    I hope I don't come off as controversial but I really wish women would stop seeing men as competitors

  6. I totally agree with Mo this is a very wide topic there's no need for over flogging this. Women are actually to be treated specially. However, we are referred to as the weaker vessel not the weakest vessel.

  7. This topic is indeed very wide..i for one believe that a man and a woman should be treated almost equally..

  8. There are many points to for and against this. But i can say things are changing. Women are getting more recognized. It also depends on individuals. But our culture especially has favoured men for long.

  9. The title of this post says: "Where did gender equality travel to?"

    My comment says: "Where did Sweet Debbie travel to?"

    I know you spent the weekend with him. *winks* Don't lie!

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