Monday, July 13, 2015

Social media;A blessing or a curse???

Hian, am not good at singing,i would have sang an introductory love song for all BVs but not to worry, i ll someday, For now, thanks to everyone who stops by this space, thanks for your amazing views and comments, God bless you all, Happy new week people, how is the weather like in your side? Well its going to be a bright Monday here, this was supposed to be friday's post but  my blogger app was just messing up all througg the weekend

  Lets discuss something interesting today, am a big fan of social media; facebook, bbm, twitter, instagram,youtube,blogs e.t.c, well am addicted to some of this platforms because i could get to talk to almost anyone i want to talk to by just chatting with them, facebook updates me on events and things about my friends and loved ones, then i kind of love talking about politics and the state of the nation, facebook and twitter does all the job, instagram is my go to place for update on trends, latest music, latest outfit,celebrity gist and, to me social media is a huge blessing but on the other way round, sometimes i hate social media because people tend to hide behind the screen of their phones, pc or tablet to spew bad vibes to other people especially celebs, another one is all this sexually provocative pictures and videos plastered all over facebook attimes and then people have turned everything in Nigeria to social media jokes with different hashtags and memes...

    But all in all, social media in my own opinion is still a blessing, its a platform we can now use to speak out as youth, its a platform we can use to know whats going on in the society, its a platform we can use to learn new things and its a platform we can use to keep close contact...whats your opinion? Is social media a curse or a blessing???


  1. What ever that has an advantage sure has a disadvantage too. Will also add that when the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable. This is the ABC of social media.

  2. A blessing: I'm glad I met you.
    A curse: So many fakes around here.

    I love the social media tho. You can be anybody and do anything. It is simply a way of life.

    PS: Sweet Debbie, say hi to your Android for me o. My phone is saying hi over here. Lol

  3. Its more of a blessing than a curse....its advantages outweighs its disadvantage.

    Debbie dear, how are you doing??

  4. Its the best of both worlds really. Finding the right balance is key.

  5. Without social media, I don't think there will be anything that differential our 21st century with the 20th. It is indeed just the clear evidence tremendous progress so far and am sure our ancestors will be glad to see this on ground if given second chance to come back.

    Whether it is a blessing or a curse now depends on u and I. To me it is a blessing despite all the ugly features you just painted some coming to life is a blessing, while to omens otherwise, its all depends on now you make used of it.

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  6. It has the good sides and bad sides. Just that immorality is on the increase now, all thanks to social media

  7. Weather here is Great except we've been in a Frighteningly seriously drought for years now.

    Social media is a Blessing to meet Fantastic people we would otherwise never get to Yeah :)

    At other times people can easily be deceiving as in fake, send us unwelcome messages, be rude and in several cases pretended to be nice then posted porn or hateful things on my page ... we only have one Judge and I'll leave that to Him. If people want to find it, it's easy enough. I keep it simple just don't friend me and post things in my space behind my back because I'm Quick to delete. lol

    However we access the internet the good content, who we meet and the knowledge we gain out weights the darker side ... that's up to us to choose the good, avoid the bad and delete those we are not comfortable with ...

    BTW Debbie we understand technology has it's challenges and stubbornly refuses to cooperate ... plus I can't carry a tune in a bucket either, but never stops me from singing ... when alone lol ;)

    Debbie Hope and Everyone has an Awesome Day :)

  8. Both..... More of blessed curse to most...

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