Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Inspiration wednesday-you have to be strong

Hello my beautiful people, how is everyone doing??? Choi...i missed this space mehn,i missed everyone...*side eyes* to Amaka, reading her comment this morning made me laugh out loud and it really did melt my i had to quickly open blogger...

   Well Inspiration wednesday today is talking to jibbyks, i wish i could pour out my heart here, *But some people who knows me personally, come here annoymously*i wish behind the smiles and happiness i show to people around me the pain in my heart could show but no it does not because i know i have to be strong....

  Have you ever felt so much pain deep within that you can't talk to anyone about it because words can't explain how you feel or you feel people can't understand you, thats exactly how have been feeling lately...but i know that this too shall pass if i am strong, life is throwing me different punches but i won't allow myself to be down for long because this is part of the sharpening, i have to go through, because nothing good comes easy in life and so that i can be more grateful when i reach my goal...

But as am typing this post, my heavy heart is melting..... i know before the year runs out, testimony shall every situation you have to be strong, you have to wrap your struggles in strength and just let God fix it which is exactly what am doing now and what you should try to do too..
  Am back and better!


  1. Awww Debbie dear, I know that feeling. Life is full of ups and downs, you will have to go through the "downs" to be able to appreciate the "ups". I am happy you are strong enough to carry on. It is well my dear. Like you said "this too shall pass" **e-hugs**

  2. Ohhh Sweet Debbie, this post melted my hear too. I've been going through life too. Blogging has been a way to pour out my heart. I'll be sharing some truths next week. . . You know, sometimes we go through this stuff to share the testimonies. Like they say; no pain, no gain. And no story, no glory. Pain is part of the fabrics that makes a successful life

    I'm praying for you. May His light guide you through this. Amen.

  3. Big hug dear wish i could hug you physically right now.. Don't worry sweetie, this is phase and it shall pass. Just hold on to God HE knows how to fix any situation...

  4. Hang in dear love. Joy comes in the morning. Glad you are feeling better, stay strong and welcome back. We missed you!

  5. Typically life as it is jibbyks just life as it is

  6. Awww Debbie wish I could make it Better! You're such a Kind, Loving Beautiful Soul :)

    Life has a way of biting us in the backside often enough! It's never fun or easy being Strong ... in the end it is a Blessing to make us Better and prepare us for the future and to Help others.

    From the comments left we Hope you Realize just how Much we Love and Care about you and the Impact you make on us! I'm Guilty of not saying it enough ...

    Girl Thank you so, so Much for Inspiring us and bring Love and Joy into our daily life :) Please Know you are Making a Positive Difference in the World one reader at a time!

    God knows your Faith, Needs, how to Comfort and is the Great Physician! As we're instructed to seek a physician when sick sometimes we need to confide our troubles with those we trust. (not saying air your business out here) Reaching out may help or maybe not. Only you know and as correctly stated it's impossible to explain unless they have been thru the same experience and even then we all approach things differently.

    You're in our Prayers! Just put in another one for ya ;)

    Be Well and Feel Better Soon! Wishing you a Peaceful Day! :)

    We Love you, Debbie :)

  7. it shall end in praise.May God see you through this phase.its just for a while dearie,hang in there

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